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Big Data Subscriber Profiling

Location-Based Analytics

Gain insight into the geographical distribution of subscribers, their usage patterns, and device capabilities.

Segmentation Analysis

Interrogate information through multi-dimensional models, historically or on-the-fly, to view activations, ARPU's, devices, spend and campaign success.

Measure Network Quality

Integrate call statics from our network probing interface. Focus efforts on high value customers by correlating fault data with information about the subscriber profile.


Use subscriber and customer profiling and segmentation to analyze trends and create projection scenarios for blended solutions, introduce new products and measure the profitability of existing and planned services and products to engage subscribers and fine-tune customer experience management..

​Make Information easily accessible to decision-makers across the enterprise and provide a platform to deliver superior analysis of trends and pattern recognition that gives salient input into projection and forecasting.


Incorporate a host of use case scenarios that enable historical, real-time analysis, a myriad of variable, trigger and event-driven campaigns, notifications and content distribution functions.

Benefit customer service by being enabled to send customized service messages – for instance, targeted geo-location or voice/data consumption ratio matches for campaigns and packages.

Supports a host of use case scenarios such as device capability-based, geo-location campaigns, and,  distribution of customized content based on device profiling.


Profiling makes it easy to engage in time-based batch reporting or campaigns by creating a simple, unified reference to the population, with defined layers, and enabling a consistent and reliable tracking of these. Profiles can be compared in the “Profiling History” and exported for further processing of data or used in the geo-location editor to explore the diversity within the network and subscriber base.


The Analytic tools allow for saving views, reports, filters and sub-groupings as stored and reusable profiles, improving information available on the subscriber landscape

by taking stock of the devices on the network (identifying the device type, vendor,

model and capabilities) and segmenting the subscriber base depending on rules - New Subscribers, High Value Subscribers, by region, by age, by device hierarchy.


Subscribers can also be grouped based on interests or what type of services they use on the internet. This can be based on the amount of time spent on different mediums (gaming, music & video sites or social media). This, coupled with demographic data from subscriber registration systems can allow more accurate categorization of subscribers and better streamlining of campaigns and package offerings.

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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