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What We Do

Our goal is to provide efficient, unobtrusive embedded real-time device and subscriber detection capabilities to operators at affordable prices. 


Our embedded real-time device and subscriber detection capabilities and plug-ins to communication service providers’ billing and CRM databases will see next generation network intelligence turn into powerful customer engagement systems.


Service providers will use next generation network intelligence to stimulate data spend by enabling real-time contextual offers using a combination of device detection, device capability data, location data and subscriber data. This will have a positive impact on operators’ data revenue, lower churn rates and reduce OPEX.

In emerging markets, the network operator industry will start using next generation network intelligence systems as a data analytics tool to monitor device activity and behaviour.


It will also be used to detect and to troubleshoot performance problems. This will improve the customer on-boarding experience and ultimately increase the average customer lifetime value.

Managing support of counterfeit handsets in the fastest growing mobile economies, notably Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, will be a priority for mobile network operators in 2016.


In Africa alone, more than 50 million new smartphones will come onto African networks during the year and about 20% will be fakes. Customer care centres will be flooded with calls to get counterfeit phones online in their networks and new network intelligence technology will be used to convert the counterfeit market into mobile data revenue.

What We Do

The SimuOne Way


"Mobile operators are faced with the challenges of an extremely competitive market place, where subscriber resources are limited, and at the same time expectations for call quality and customer support is high – solutions allowing for optimizations which can boost revenue streams by understanding the market and subscriber population is in great need"

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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