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Geographical Information  Analytics

Everything Filterable

Fine tune queries to only view  relevant information or data. Filters can be saved and reused.


Data is updated near real-time using our unique high performance storage algorithms. You gain access to aggregate information  in near real-time.

Historical Information

Access historical information about device capabilities on the network. Observe trends and development of device capabilities and Subscriber profiles.

Simuone's solution provides real-time classification of device capabilities on mobile operators' network, allowing them to follow trends based on time and location.

The geo-analytics product allows mobile operators to gain deep insights into their device population. Subscriber device capabilities can be profiled and segmented allowing decision makers to follow trends based on time and location.

The product offers insights that enable operators to take proactive measures to stay ahead of the market. Using network intelligence, operators can design products that match the device capabilities of  their subscribers, discover trends in the network and beat the market by providing smarter solutions and managing customer experience based on the knowledge of what is going on in the network.

Understanding the capabilities of customer devices, operators can limit the provisioning of licensed services to capable devices only, deferring and optimizing frequency licensing costs based on the actual device fleet. Using detected properties, subscriber loyalty can be promoted by offering subscriber specific campaigns based on customer location and device type. High value customers can be identified and their experience optimized for decreased customer churn.

Customer usage patterns are typically time and location-dependent. Mobile operators in emerging markets are faced with diverse device populations, and subscribers' needs differ based on their geographical location. Furthermore, expanding network capabilities in remote areas is expensive.

By using geographic data as an additional dimension to generate insights, SimuOne's solution empowers operators to offer differentiating services and improve performance based on the physical location of the device population.

Operators are able to store and replay subscriber movement in both real-time and historically. The solution utilizes a sample store – which allows for historic retrieval of data and location - any data from the adaptive storage engine can be geo-located and visualized on a map, allowing operators to gain the insights necessary for service optimization and differentiation. Data is always stored in aggregated form, no subscriber can be personally identified, ensuring privacy.

The solution enables tracking development and reporting with fine grained hourly resolution.

Operators can discover trends of development within the device population, and correlate customer engagement efforts with actual measurements of their effect.

Operators are able to plan network expansion based on the location and density of subscribers (for example, target LTE bundle offers based on information about the location of subscribers). The applications are endless and offer rapid ROI and measurable outcomes.

The Geo-Analyzer is truly a unique tool in the industry, providing unparalleled insights into Operators' device population. With our extremely efficient algorithms -  data is made available at rapid speeds.


Operators can have disparate systems with valuable information about their subscribers that are relevant for carrying out network intelligence. Information silos are a real threat and only knowing half the truth can sometimes be worse than not knowing anything at all. With the batch integration and the real time integration module, data streams can be merged for enhanced insights into the network and device population activity.

Subscriber profiles, billing information and data from other operator data sources, such as the data warehouse, can be integrated into SimuOne’s adaptive storage engine, providing decision makers with powerful real time, drill down data mining capabilities. Real time call statistics from the probing interface are correlated with the device capability library and any additional data from the dynamic property extension module, providing truly unique insights into the device population.

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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