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Location-based Analytics

Engage your subscribers with contextually relevant information based on their geographical location.

Seamless Integration

Incorporate subscriber profile information from disparate systems to create a clear vision of value, spend and recognizable patterns.

Measure Campaign Results

Gauge the success of campaigns with measurable matrixes for uptake, activations, spend through easy to create reports, or use,  a large selection of ready-made and /or

customizable templates. 


The campaign engine is easily accessible through the Analytics portal, and is very simple to use. There are two key dimensions to running a campaign;

1. Invoking offers and sending Texts / SMS’s.

2. Follow Up to see how well the Campaigns are progressing and make adjustments along the way to maintain the best results.


Campaign Setup

Campaigns are easily created from the setup using a predefined Profile (Target Profile) – the Campaign engine supports a large number of semantics for invocation, and setting up is easily done from the Analytics portal by the creation of a trigger.

The Campaign supports triggering on either entering or leaving a profile, e.g. triggers can be limited to only one time per MSISDN, or one time per combination of MSISDN / IMSI / IMEI allowing the offer to be repeated each time the subscriber uses a new handset.

Automated Follow through

When a campaign is created a subgrouping (context) is automatically formed including a follow-up profile combining the original profile and the follow-up grouping. Information about campaign responses (Subscriber Uptake) for MSISDNs can also be imported using the subgrouping contextual to compare the results and outcome. The follow-up can be fully automated as long as the MSISDN is batched.


Provisioning Triggers

The Analytics engine supports two types of Triggers; a cascading or exclusive trigger.

A cascading trigger would allow for other matching triggers to be fired subsequent to it's engagement.

This can be used, for example,  in conjunction with provisioning - for data services in order of the “cascade priority” on first-sight of the subscriber and handset.

Or, a "Leave Campaign" trigger used to de-provision a subscriber from data services as they change from a data-enabled handset to non-data handset so as to manage the number of licenses required for data services, if needed. Or, when the subscriber enters or leaves a location area, or certain cells configured in the attached Profile.


Pure Campaign triggers

An Exclusive Trigger would terminate any further processing. These are mostly used for dealing with dedicated group campaigns – special offers to a selected group.


Location-based Advertising

Tracking subscribers geographically within the entire network means location-based advertising rules can be set within the campaign engine. As a use case: an operator may want to promote a new store in a mall and hence could set a rule to send an SMS to every subscriber who is within the location of this mall and this can be specified down to cell level.


Personalised Advertising

With access to the subscriber’s personal details e.g. Name and / or Gender triggers can be set within the Campaign Engine to send out personalised adverts in which the subscriber can receive an advert addressing them by name. This is recommended mostly if the data is accurate.


The two can also be done in combination where a subscriber can receive a personalised advert in a specified location.


Both services can also be offered to third parties and create a new revenue stream for the Operator.



Disembarking Subscribers

Accurately predict retention by monitoring IMSI / MSISDN activity and spending pattern changes and flagging subscribers with high likelihood to leave the network. Using predefined parameters and models, automate disembarking prevention campaigns once the subscriber reaches a particular pre-set score.


Capture Disembarking rates accurately, by location, to identify where and when subscriber loss is occurring. Better address problems in high-risk areas within the overall area of the network by combining Disembarking Rates with surveys of network experience and quality of service problems matched with complaints.

Package Design for specific OTT

Custom designed packages specific for OTT can be created. Operator input on the detailed specifics would be required to provide the solution.

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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