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Open Machine Learning


Intelligent Analytics

SimuOne’s adaptive self-learning core uses algorithmic intelligence to access, model and apply data sets, learn and refine, then perform future projection and forecast trends.

Dynamic Extensions

Avoid information silos by integrating your existing valuable data sources into our analytics solution and gain truly unique insights.

Historical Information
Access historical information about device capabilities on the network. Observe trends and development of device capabilities and Subscriber profiles.

Network And Business Intelligence With Actual Intelligence

Create a powerful information ecosystem by harnessing data from disparate data sources and stores into a viable pool of consolidated and contextually rich information that allows for historical analysis, trend analysis and the creation of projections and scenario planning using a rich open source software library for high performance numerical computation for data modelling.

Network intelligence and other jargon translate to one word; Information.

Our flexible architecture allows easy deployment of computation across a variety of platforms, and from clusters of serves to desktops, to mobile  devices to empower decision makers and departments to access and harness information using industry best practice technology and methodologies.

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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