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Optimize Boarding


Location-based Analytics

Gain insight into the geographical distribution of capabilities of subscriber devices.

Measure Campaign Results

Engages with the network in real-time and reacts to preset events.  When the right conditions are met the platform pushes the best match for services in line with known subscriber usage patterns.

Measure Network Quality

Integrate call statics from the network probing interface. Focus efforts on high-value customers by correlating fault data with information about the subscriber profile.


Detect new subscribers, their device capabilities, and push appropriate services, help guides and packages to them. Increase the uptake of packages to be able to better measure campaign impact.

Manage On-boarding to reduce marketing costs and limit the needless sending of otherwise irritating SMS messages and free up resources within the Customer Support Services Centre.


Immediately engage roamers when as they connect to the network, assisting with device and APN settings, and also track visitors' movement patterns and what places are popular for roaming traffic, allowing for better allocation of resources, permanently, seasonally or by campaign.

Retain roamers through notifications and triggering to minimize subscriber loss, triggering a message to the roaming subscriber and notifying them of possible cost implications and/or re-sending settings. 


Provide a value-added service through minimizing device loss, whether through misplacement or theft. 

Find devices over the network with relative ease and several options track the device location, provide all MSISDNs that have used the the device or Blacklist the number to prevent network connection. 

A search for the device can be done using the IMEI of the device. Geo-location allows for accurate pinpointing of device locations from cell level.

In an increasing number of countries, regulators are putting in place legislation for all Operators to track and/or block lost or stolen customer devices on their networks.


Automatic detection and correction of Bad APNs. When a bad APN is detected on an OTA capable device, the Device Management System (DMS) is automatically triggered to send OTA settings to the subscriber's device, including instructions.

Reduce Subscriber Care calls and Improve subscriber user experience while maximizing data revenue potential through rapid provisioning of subscribers.


Accurate Prediction by monitoring IMSI / MSISDN activity and spending pattern changes and flagging subscribers with high likelihood to leave the network. The churn models in place will be agreed on with the operator. This function will be enhanced by the ability to automate disembarking prevention campaigns once the subscriber reaches a particular pre-set score.

Capture Disembarking rates accurately by location to identify where the highest subscriber loss is occurring which combined with surveys of network experience and quality of service problems matched with complaints to better address problems of high-risk areas within the overall area of the network.

Community Edition 

Based on our Community License and includes

All product features; EIR/ADD - SS7/Diameter or Radio Network Probing options, Analytics, Campaign and Triggering. 

Can be used freely for testing, service development on our API's, trials or production - if eligible.

Professional support packages available

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